July 28, 2017, the Fundación “Asociación Ministerial Evangelicos Nacionales”, AMÉN, was formalized and constituted.

It is a Non-profit Private Law Foundation, governed by the norms of Law 20,500, on Citizen Associations and Participations.

The main objective of the AMÉN Foundation is to achieve the practical Unity of the Christian Church, using Education as a strategy; be this through Biblical Institutes, colleges, training centers, universities and any other body of Christian orientation that contributes to the development and potential integration of Christians.

The financing base, created by AMÉN, will be oriented to ten specific objectives, distributed in equal percentage:

  1. Contribution to pastors who support the Vision of the Unity of the Church through Education.
  2. Theological education through the Biblical Institute of the AMÉN Foundation; looking for the studies to be subsidized, and to the extent possible to reach the free studies.
  3. Support to the work of Missions and all action so that the gospel reaches all people everywhere.
  4. Help and social collaboration, such as open dining rooms, shelters, assistance to the needy, recreation and help to people at social risk.
  5. Capitalization. That is, acquisition of real estate destined to the establishment and maintenance of infrastructure for AMÉN.
  6. AMÉN training in other countries.
  7. Implementation and use of technological and innovation tools, allowing the Foundation to access dissemination and communication in all types of media and through available technology.
  8. Support the holding of general assemblies and open conferences.
  9. Administration of the AMÉN Foundation.
  10. Creation and maintenance of a Stabilization or contingency Fund, whose purpose is to support the nine preceding objectives.

The AMÉN Foundation projects the creation and promotion of written, audiovisual, photographic and any other material that strengthens the achievement of the ten basic objectives.

It is vitally important to point out that the AMÉN Foundation may accept public or private financing contributions, expressly excluding donations that come from: Money Laundering, Drug Trafficking and activities not related to the object and objectives of AMÉN.

AMÉN Foundation defines its Mission and Vision as follows:


“Make a direct and indirect contribution to the development of the potential of the people who form the” base “of the Christian people, to motivate them to reproduce the image of” that Jesus Christ who sends us to preach, teach and love our neighbor”.


“We see the day that” the church “is united individually and collectively, taking practical steps each year, aimed at the concrete manifestation of Christian love for the people of our country and the rest of the world”.

The AMÉN Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors that is in charge of the Foundation’s Senior Management, this Board of Directors is made up of:

President, Marcelo Gracías
Vice-president, Elinor Rios
Secretary, David Osses
Pro-Secretary, Carmen Alarcón
Treasurer, Eners Monjes
1st Director, Gerardo Hernánez
2nd Director, Francisco Chadía

Also review the AMEN Principles.