All the work of the Fundación “National Evangelical Ministerial Association” is based on Four Pillars that from its inception and in all its activities are considered as strategic for the fulfillment of our Vision and for the achievement of our objectives (Mission):

ASSOCIATION: AMEN Program that constitutes the first of its fundamental pillars. Designed in order to respond to the principle of Unity in the evangelical community, with the understanding that we are ONE body in Jesus Christ. Its essential challenge is to extend (project) a network of mutual collaboration throughout the territory, promoting primary functions such as Christian education, missions, evangelism and social service.

MISSIONS: AMÉN program that constitutes the second of its fundamental pillars. Created with the purpose of promoting an educational and practical training plan, as well as substantial tools, promoting permanent projects to face local and foreign missions, respecting their universal criteria without renouncing their own identity and socio-cultural principles.

EDUCATION: AMÉN program that constitutes the third of its fundamental pillars. Considered as the central concept of our mission, understanding that Christian education in the form of  a Theological Seminary, is a factor of unity, multiplier and enabler for the responsible exercise of adding others to the gospel.

NEEDED: AMEN Program that constitutes the fourth of its fundamental pillars. Designed in order to strengthen social service in the Christian community, with active participation in the child, adolescent and adult population in permanent or transitory conditions of precariousness and vulnerability. Demonstrating in a practical way the love towards the neighbor and evidences of the transforming action of Jesus Christ.