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  • Why do we celebrate Bible Month in September?

    The Bible is the name we use to refer to the Word of God. This Bible is not a single book, but a collection of ancient writings. 66 separate books, written over about 1,600 years, by at least 40 different authors.

    “Bible” comes from the Greek word (plural) Biblión / Biblos, whose meaning is “The books” or “The Little Books”. Byblos was a major trading port in the Eastern Mediterranean where papyri and other writing materials were purchased.

  • Conferencia AMÉN 2020, "Oren... por mi!"

    “PRAY FOR ME!” AMEN 2020 Conference

    Florida November 28, 2020. It was the town of Granerillos in the commune of Florida, Eighth Region, where the 9th Conference of AMÉN (National Evangelical Ministerial Association) was held, which […]

  • Are there errors in the Bible?

    The original texts of the Bible do not contain errors because they were inspired by God, but we cannot say the same about the copies that were made later or the translations that have been made of the latter. Translators are human, so it is inevitable that their own religious tendencies have influenced their work.

  • The need for Apologetics

    Cualquiera que intente contestar las preguntas de los no creyentes con seguridad será ofuscado y estará tentado a perder la paciencia, pero nuestro verdadero objetivo es que ellos lleguen al conocimiento de la verdad de que Jesús ha muerto por sus pecados. Con tal importante tarea a mano, no debemos ser negligentes en obedecer este mandamiento.

  • Is it Pentecostal or Pentecost? A look at Acts 2: 1-13

  • He is risen!


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