When women arrived at the tomb on that Sunday morning with the mission of preparing the body of Jesus and saying goodbye to their teacher, they lived the most shocking experience of those three years, and something else of their lives next to Jesus. He is risen! It was the expression they heard from the lips of an angel who gave them the great news.

That last week of Jesus’ life was one of great movement, the Christ knew that the time was approaching to fulfill the most difficult part of his earthly ministry, because ultimately his death was the essential motive in God’s plan to reestablish communion. with humanity, which systematically distanced itself from Him. On the other hand, he had to prepare his disciples to face that moment and continue with the mission that would be entrusted to them by their teacher.

At the beginning of that week the city of Jerusalem began to fill with holiday bustle and many Jews residing in nearby villages came to the big city to celebrate Passover. Commerce took to the streets and in this scenario Jesus moves from one place to another trying to optimize his time as much as possible to deliver his teachings to the disciples who were next to him. While that was happening, in another place within the same city a group of priests hatched a plan to end not only the teacher’s teachings, but also his life.

Those who were to be the first to understand Jesus’ mission were his most ardent adversaries. Feeling threatened in their rights and their supposed power in addition to certain privileges received from the Roman Empire, these priests hatch a macabre plan whose objective is to definitively end the messiah and all his teaching.

The account of everything that happened in those last days of Jesus’ life, you can read directly in the Gospels and in great detail. On this occasion I want you to focus his thoughts on the expression that gives title to this reflection, he is risen!

It was a tense day of much pain, the women unreservedly accompany Mary the mother of Jesus. The disciples for their part are hidden, fearful, but above all with that terrible anguish of having lost the man who gave meaning to their lives, the one who looked at them without qualms, they were not the most literate, they did not possess wealth, they were ordinary men, but Jesus chose them.

They are scared and we do not judge them for that. Who faced with such a terrible situation does not freeze with fear? Who does not forget in the midst of trial the words of the Lord? Even so, Christ trusted them because he alone can know the value that each person has, and that he goes beyond his own fears.

Today in the midst of a global pandemic that has plagued us for more than a year, many people have suffered with the relentless and deadly covid19, the loss of family, friends, and many people that in one way or another we have known have added a dose of fear and with just reason, but there is for believers the most glorious hope of health based precisely on what we commemorate or celebrate as others will say Holy Week.

We have the privilege of remembering with the respect that those last days of Jesus’ earthly life deserve, because although we live in the midst of a society that apparently and given all the signs that we observe, tries to move away from what is called religious or has to do With faith, the memory of those days around the year 30 of our era, shakes the hearts of all those who have embraced and accepted the joy of salvation granted by Jesus.

And that is why every year when this date arrives in which “Holy Week” is commemorated or celebrated in the majority of the Christian world, I think about how wonderful it is to know the whole end of history, because unlike the pain of those men and women that you suffered in your own flesh that first Holy Week, you and I remember those moments with the joy of knowing that Jesus has risen.

We know that his death was not the end, we know that by his death we also achieved forgiveness for new sins, and we know that in his resurrection we are as soon as he is resurrected.

Holy Week is not another holiday in the calendar, not even bible-related film marathons or Jesus’ life. Holy Week is not a holiday on the beach or the mountain (where there was no quarantine), or a time to perform the outstanding tasks of the home.

As Christians, we have the mission to give this time all the relevance and importance it deserves because in this, the great love of God for humanity is represented. For me and I hope that for you too, Christ’s death will have the relevance that is your own. Crucifixion is not a criminal deserving of it. All the suffering and agony in those woods is the Son of God who in the form of a man I carry all my sins. On his shoulders are my pains, my anguish, my indifference, it is not He who deserves that punishment but each of those who despise that sacrifice.

But He did not spare in love and surrender himself by all. His death brought joy to his detractors, they thought Jesus would be just a memory destined to disappear even from the memory of his closest. They secured his grave with a stone that needed several men to move it. And they thought it was the end. However, the master’s final victory was that Sunday morning.

The Christian church preferably performs its cults and activities on Sundays. He was doing it to the birthing church in the book of facts. Because Sunday of resurrection is ultimately the maximum difference between Christianity and any other known religious belief.

The empty grave is the answer to all despair. The empty grave is the answer to all fears. The empty grave is the answer to anxiety and stress.

That empty grave is the symbol of the final victory of the Son of God and that must fill with permanent joy our lives every day, and on this particular date to thank God for choosing us to remain his faithful witnesses to that work of redemption, Christ’s victory is our victory, and at every dark moment that we live, when it seems that despair has occupied our lives, let us remember that empty grave because the Lord lives, He has risen.


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