Florida November 28, 2020. It was the town of Granerillos in the commune of Florida, Eighth Region, where the 9th Conference of AMÉN (National Evangelical Ministerial Association) was held, which had as a sermon “Pray… for me!”, Based on the text of Ephesians 6: 18-19. Part of the activity took place in the Temple of the Pentecostal Methodist Church.

The restrictions due to the health contingency caused by COVID-19, made our Conference be held in compliance with all the protocols and recommendations emanating from the health authority, which also led to the decision to restrict the participation of some Venues, for everything The above is agreed to develop our face-to-face activities in a single day on Saturday, November 28.

The development of the conference begins at 11:00 hrs. previous reception of managers and assistant delegations who move to the place where the morning session takes place.

After the opening and welcome, we can highlight the following points:

  • Words of greetings and gratitude from representatives of the AMÉN Biblical Institute in Los Angeles, Chillán and San Nicolás.
  • Brother Victor Oviedo is formally incorporated as a member and 3rd Director of the AMÉN Foundation Board of Directors, as recorded in the Minutes of the Extraordinary Session Update Board of Directors – July 28, 2020. We can highlight that the vision of the Unity of the Church begins with a desire of the.
  • Pastor Marcelo Garcías, Director and President of Fundación AMÉN, explains that the holding of the AMÉN 2020 Conference in this town of Granerillo is because the dream of obtaining 6 hectares as the Central Headquarters of the AMÉN Biblical Institute is already a reality.
  • The Academic Calendar of the Biblical Institute for the year 2021 is presented.

The first day of the conference ends with the attendees touring the field, in order to observe the place where the AMÉN Biblical Institute Headquarters will be built in the future.

After a lunch prepared by the brothers of the church lunch, the 2nd Day begins with the Thanksgiving Service.

On this day, a prayer of blessing is made for Brother Víctor Oviedo and he invites the members of the Board of Directors present to pray around him.

Pastor Marcelo Garcías presents the conference sermon “Pray… for me”. Ephesians 6: 18-19. Extract that you can request in our transparency section.

Finally we share the name and sermon of the 10th AMEN Conference 2021, “… without faith, it is impossible …” Hebrews 11: 6.